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Our treatment approach is founded in the philosophy that healing  best occurs when we learn to nurture ourselves from the inside  out. By attending to the mind, body, and spirit, our providers work  with you to navigate life’s stresses, struggles and challenges to  help reach your goals and live authentically. Our passion lies with  helping people ReConnect with their authentic self. We take a  team approach to offering holistic treatment and implementing a  number of disciplines from skilled and professional providers.


Our Mission

A Unique Counseling Practice

ReConnections is committed to offering a healing approach to mental health issues by tending to the whole person through a mind, body, and spirit perspective. We are dedicated to our client's well-being and promise to offer meaningful, practical, and nurturing solutions.


Our Practice

ReConnections is a unique counseling practice which is dedicated to the recovery and growth of our patients. Over the years, ReConnections has developed a reputation as a comprehensive and effective mental health practice which specializes in eating disorders. As our practice has expanded to include treatment for other mental health issues, our treatment model has stayed true to its roots, offering a balanced and whole approach to recovery. We utilize our team of providers who are skilled in traditional, as well as supplemental therapies. We also offer more intensive treatments such as Healing Retreats and workshops. We believe that we must know who we truly are in order to live our most fulfilling lives, and it is our goal to help you ReConnect with your authentic self.


Help with a multitude
of issues

If you can relate to any of the following statements then you may benefit from our services: 

  • I do not know my worth. 
  • I am not comfortable in my own skin.
  • No matter how hard I try, I just cannot seem to get my relationships right. 
  • I cannot stand up for myself, and people often take advantage of that. 
  • I often feel helpless or hopeless. 
  • I feel like I am not good enough. 
  • I am now sober, but still unhappy. 
  • I hate what I see in the mirror. 
  • I have experienced a trauma, and now I don’t know how to move past it. 
  • I often feel scared or nervous. 
  • I feel disconnected from myself, and others. 
  • I feel overwhelmed.