Getting Started

Step 1: Contact Us & Schedule your Visit

There are several ways you can reach out to us; choose the method that feels most comfortable to you. Rest assured your privacy is extremely important to us. We will work with you to set up your initial intake consultation. Our friendly office staff will work out a date and time that is convenient and timely.


Step 2: Prepare for your visit

There are several forms that you can fill out here on our website, or print/fill to bring with you to help us get you started right away. A little preparation now can save you time when you visit us and allow you to fill the paperwork at your convenience in the comfort of your own home.

All New Patients

Please fill out the following New Patient Forms*:

*If you are unable to fill out the form, please print and fill out the Patient Paperwork and bring to your first appointment:

Patient Paperwork


What to Expect

  1. From your first visit, you will work with your individual counselor. After several sessions, you and your counselor will develop a treatment plan based on your goals and expectations.
  2. Your treatment plan may include group therapy which offers a level or support and identification with others who "get it." - Something we often cannot get from our family and friends.
  3. We may also suggest meeting with one of our Registered Dietitians to look at your diet and how food and what we eat can affect our moods, sleep, and energy levels.

Creative therapy promotes play and self esteem, and can often be away to express ourselves in a way that words fail. We live in our bodies and yet are often disconnected from them. Body work helps us become grounded in our bodies, allows us to experience safe and healing touch, and improves our outlook and wellness. We call this "Collaborative Wholeness" because together all of these modalities can help you move to a place of peace, wholeness, and compassion with yourself. We look forward to helping you on your journey!