Do I Have an Eating Disorder? Would I benefit from Treatment?

Disordered eating can have many faces including those who spend their efforts taking in the least amount of food possible, those who often eat little but when they do eat they eat uncontrollably and then often need to get rid of the food, and those who eat all day long and can’t seem to stop eating.  Sometimes it’s a combination of symptoms. 

Consider reviewing the following lists.  If some of these statements sound familiar, you may be struggling with disordered eating.  Treatment is available - contact us to get started on your path to recovery.

ReConnections in the Community!

We believe in the non-diet, Health at Every Size, approach to managing weight because it utilizes a mindful-based eating approach that helps support self-esteem and body acceptance. 

What is the Non-Diet Approach for Health at Every Size?

There are Six Parts to Health at Every Size

  1. Good health is a state of physical, mental and social well-being 
  2. Human beings come in a variet of shapes and sizes 
  3. There is NO ideal body size, shape, BMI or body composition
  4.  Self-esteem and body image are strongly linked
  5.  Each person is responsible for taking care of his/her own body 
  6. Appearance stereotyping is wrong

Check out our handout that explains the diet approach vs. the non-diet approach:

Signs & Symptoms of Restrictive Eating

  • I limit my food to a certain number of calories, grams of fat, or portion size every day.
  • People are saying I've gotten too thin, but they don’t know what they are talking about.
  • People are saying I'm too thin, but they just want me to be fat like they are.
  • I find myself often cooking extravagant meals or baking wonderful desserts for my family and friends, but I do not indulge in them myself.
  • I hate my stomach and can’t get it flat enough.
  • I often feel reassured when I feel hungry.
  • I often feel very scared and anxious when I don’t feel hungry.
  • I have rituals when I eat.  These may include needing to cut the food into small pieces, chew a certain number of times, eat only certain foods, eat only at specific times, or eat foods in a certain order.
  • I am cold most of the time and often find myself wearing more clothes/layers/sweaters than most people.
  • I’ve noticed that my mouth is often dry and that hair is getting thicker on my arms and legs.
  • If I am female, my menstruation has gotten very irregular or has stopped completely.

If some or many of these statements are true for you, please reach out to us for an appointment.

Signs & Symptoms of Binge Eating & Purging

  • I try to eat only healthy foods, but when I eat “bad foods” I eat out of control.
  • When I overeat I would be embarrassed if someone saw me.
  • If people knew what I really did to control my weight they would be disgusted.
  • I eat so much that I have to throw up after I eat, and sometimes then eat and purge again.
  • I feel so uncomfortable after I eat, I have to take laxatives.  It seems like I keep needing more and more of them to make me feel okay.
  • I know that if I can exercise enough I will be thin and every day I push myself to do more and more.
  • Sometimes I feel like there is this monster inside me that screams to eat and binge but if I told anyone they’d think I was crazy.
  • Some days I feel so fat I don’t want to leave the house or be around anyone.
  • During the day I plan what I will binge on later and arrange my schedule to be able to binge.
  • I wish I could eat like normal people but my body is just so messed up.

If some or many of these statements are true for you, please reach out to us for an appointment.

Signs & Symptoms of Binge Eating

  • I spend a lot of time thinking about what I'm going to eat.
  • I often eat the very foods I “know” are “bad” for me.
  • I'm a smart person and have studied nutrition, why can’t I eat the way I'm supposed to eat.
  • I hate going to the doctor because I will get weighed and I know I’ll get the talk.
  • I eat differently in front of people than I do when I'm alone.
  • I’d be mortified if anyone ever caught me binge eating.
  • I don’t eat a lot of meals, but I nibble all day long.
  • It seems the donuts in the office just call to me.
  • Do you start each day looking in the mirror and hating what you see?
  • Do you frequently vow to not eat certain foods and then find yourself craving them and not being able to say no?
  • Sometimes I feel like I'm going crazy. My weight is ruining my life and I can’t stop eating.
  • I often sneak food and eat when no one can see me.
  • I have stashes of food around in case I need it.

If some or many of these statements are true for you, please reach out to us for an appointment.