Listen to Your Body

”There is more wisdom in your body than in your deepest philosophies.”
- Friedrich Nietzche

Maybe you got up this morning and said some cross words to someone you love.  You don’t stop to notice how your words affected them because you don’t really feel like dealing with anything.  You don’t feel like getting ready for your day but can picture yourself back in bed.  It’s gloomy and rainy and has been for days.

Stop and check in with your body.  Take a deep breath and notice how you were breathing shallow before.  How does your neck feel?  Are you stiff or have knots in your muscles?  If you just woke up and are over 10 years old, you probably are full of body issues.  Your chi or energy is blocked.

Our bodies will tell us how we feel and we can also make our bodies feel good to help us feel good.  Our bodies give us energy and motivation.  Our bodies hold stores of useful information that we can tap into if we are truly alive and know how to listen.

Tap into your body. Breathe deeply. Stretch. Release the tension. And ask your body what it wants.