The Gift of your Presence

“The Greatest Gift You Can Give is Your Presence.” 
Excerpt from The Mind of the Soul, by Gary Zukan and Linda Francis.

It is so easy for a couple to get into an argument due to the simple fact that they are each trying to win the argument. As one speaks, the other is already forming their defense in their mind…

Henry: “I was really tied yesterday after a full day of work, but I made the effort to put together a good meal. When you neglected to do the dishes I ended up bitter and resentful. It makes me not want to do it again.”

Mary: “Well, I was going to get to them, but you couldn’t wait! I had a hard day also. You don’t understand how hard my job is. You only sit at a desk all day.”

Now Henry is drawn into a debate about who has the worse job, but that was never the point.

What if Mary decided to simply be present? She would hear Henry say he made an effort, realizes he probably didn’t feel appreciated and is now disheartened. How would her response change? Maybe she could say how much she appreciated the meal. She might even say how much she appreciates Henry in general. Once that was said, she could share how she is tired at the end of the day also. Then, together, they might figure out a solution.

When one listens they are giving you the gift of their presence.